Combat-Related Generators

When the action starts, your game or story needs skills, equipment, and more! This is your stop for weapons, moves, and more.

Abilities and skills
Martial Arts Moves - For when you need those outrageous martial arts moves. Sort of existing between the Wrestling Moves Generator and the Anime Power Generator.
Wrestling Moves - Let's cause some pain! Generate wrestling moves from the colorful to the eye-watering with this program - and also good for Wrestling-based superheroes or characters.
Firearms - Ranged weapons for your characters and settings, from realistic rifles to science fiction weapons to the creations of mad scientists.
Swords - Generates complex descriptions of swords to spice up a game or a story, or stimulate ideas for interesting designs.
Weapons - Forget guns and swords, this produces weapons in the vein of the Gunblade or Lightsaber. Arm your Cosmochucks and Moonlimiters and go into battle!
Fantasy Military Units - Comes up with a xvariety of military units for a fantasy campaign, depending upon your needs.
Martial Arts Contests - When you need to name a particular tournament or challenge.
Martial Arts Schools - Give your martial artists a place to come from or go to and flesh out your settings with detailed schools of martial arts.
Wrestling Event Names - Wrestling events can't have dull names - so come up with new ones using this generator!
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