Equipment and Items

Generators for equipment, gear, loot, and other items characters are going to need. Or find. Or avoid.

The Bookspinner - Generates titles for books in various categories, and allows options to describe the quality of information, and to set a percentage chance for "extras" to be found in the books.
Books (Extra) - A bookmark, a hidden map, a scrawled note - it may be nothing or it may be vital to a plot. Now you can roll up various possible "extras" for books in games and stories.
Books (Quality) - When you're stocking a library in a game or story, it can be an effort to determine if a book is actually relevant. This is a quick way to create random summaries of information quality.
Candy - New ideas for sweet treats!
Fusion Foods - Foods that may or may not exist, could exist, or that probably shouldn’t exist.
Ice Cream Dishes - Delicious ice cream mixed with all sorts of extras? This is the generator to get new ideas for what to get for dessert!
Mixed Drinks - When you need to figure out what the bar is serving. Makes relatively generic, setting-independent drink names.
Pizzas - Randomized pizzas with plenty of ingredients and multiple options, from meat to vegetarian to mixes!
Fantasy Metals - Miraculous substances and mysterious metals to create weapons and armors and of course long quest chains!
Magic Items - Generate a variety of magic items, from any kind, specific types, over even character-appropriate!
Potion Descriptions - What's in that flask? What did you just find in the lab? Helps come up with descriptions of potions and other interesting substances one may find in an RPG or story.
Quest Items - When you need a certain "goal" for characters to find or assemble, when you need that world-saving artifact or artifacts, this can give you an idea of what to use.
Science Fiction Tarot Cards - Tarot cards for eras of science, technology, and space travel.
Tarot Cards - For new ideas, for Tarot cards on other worlds, or just to tweak your imagination.
Gadget Names - Pick the functions and elements of a gadget and generate names for it.
Science-Fiction Medical Tools - Medical implements like Singularity Scalpels and more for your science ficiton needs!
Science-Fiction Tools - When you need tools with that extra futuristic sense, like Sonic Screwdrivers.
Vehicles - Go beyond mundane vehicles with Scythedarts, Magnogliders, and Magizoomers!
Gemstones - Generates interesting and inspiring names for gemstones.
Materials - Generates names for various materials, especially good to get ideas for science-fiction stories and/or plot devices.
Substances - Need to figure out what strange metals, materials, alloys, and minerals are in your setting? This will give you detailed descriptions of randomly-generated substances, from colors to traits.
Firearms - Ranged weapons for your characters and settings, from realistic rifles to science fiction weapons to the creations of mad scientists.
Swords - Generates complex descriptions of swords to spice up a game or a story, or stimulate ideas for interesting designs.
Weapons - Forget guns and swords, this produces weapons in the vein of the Gunblade or Lightsaber. Arm your Cosmochucks and Moonlimiters and go into battle!
Currency - Creates imaginary names and denominations of currency.
Medications - When you need a name and description of a medication!
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