Names and ideas for organizations, teams, and more.

Government Names - Name a government or get an idea for one.
Science Fiction Government Names - When you need names or ideas for space-based governments, this is a quick utility to help you out.
Sentai and Superheroes
Magical Girl Team Generator - Names for your magical girl teams! Mixes the idea of being both sparkly and butt-kicking into one!
Sentai Team Names - Creates names for superhero/sentai teams in the Japanese "sentai" style.
Superhero/Villain Organizations - When you have heroes or villains, you usually have colorfully-named organizations for them to belong to!
Corporation Names - If you need to name a corporation, you know it needs a certain feel - a mixture of personal and generic. This generator is for your needs!
Magic Guild Names - Wizards, mystics, necromancers, and diviners need to work together. This generator gives you names for their various alliances, covens, and clubs.
Martial Arts Schools - Give your martial artists a place to come from or go to and flesh out your settings with detailed schools of martial arts.
Mecha Team Names - Names for super-robot teams, squadrons, etc.
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