Stories and games have to happen somewhere. Art can display places that never were. These are generators to help you flesh out a place for everything to happen - or maybe the location is what's important in the first place . . .

Adventure Sites - Somewhat old-school, this generator creates names for various sites of adventure, in different categories.
Lost Civilizations - Sometimes the most interesting things happen after the world or civilization has ended. Helps come up with places to find, explore, or discover.
Outer Planes - When you need to come up with locations for afterlives, dieties, supernatural beings, and the furthest dimensions.
Realms - Need to give a Kingdom, Provice, or other setting an interesting title like "Dragon's Empire" or "Kingdom of the Great Grail"? Or need to whip up an idea for a political entity? Try this!
Room/Locations - A way to flesh out your settings with various rooms, chambers, and other places. Mostly for fantasy or horror settings.
Tavern Names - Where's the next drink, next clue, or next bar fight coming from? Inns and tavers are such an integral part of the average fantasyscape that naming them can be difficult (or boring). Skewed towards fantasy-style names, obviously.
Diseases - Hey, why do you want to recycle the old ones for stories and games?
Magic Phenomena - What strange phenomena can cause havok and wonders in your settings? Come here to come up with some like a Bisected Invocation Field or the mysterious Nexi of Negative Harmony!
Space Phenomena - When you need a Space Opera style Coronal Anti-Cascade Cloud or a Phased Extra-Dimensional Halo, come here to generate various odd and weird Space Phenomena for your stories or games.
Colors - Colors that don't exist - or may and you've only just noticed them. Includes history and properties.
Currencies - Creates imaginary names and denominations of currency for your settings.
Eras - To give you more colorful names of the ages, eras, and periods of your game or story, or to inspire new ideas!
Particles - Generates names for particles you may use in a science-fiction setting.
What-if-inator - Generates scrambled histories for writing and gaming inspiration.
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