Martial Arts Moves

Colorfun and interesting names for martial arts moves in your stories and games.

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Attack of Protective Hands
Avalanche of the Drunken Rats
Crazy Guardian's Snap of the Romance
Demonic Claw of the Priests
Drunken Protector's Drag of Battles
Eastern Swing of the Drunken Squirrel
Fierce Pinch of the Shaman
Finger of the Imperial Automaton Demon
Ghost's Torture of the Two Plagues
Hellish Pull of the Priestess
High Shiver of the Sages
Immortal's Crooked Trap
Invincible Emperor's Clutch of the Despair
Mysterious Priest's Trap
Nineteen Aged Pigs Slam
Nineteen Clumsy Thieves Flip of Leaping Despairs
Northwestern Stretch
Phantom's Trip of the Enchantment
Seeker Pose of Placid Castles
Serpent's Spin of the Saintly Thunder
Shadow Shiver of the Brave Devils
Southern Emperor's Palm of the Mud
Terrifying Squirrel's Hammer of Pearls
Unholy Clutch
Uppercut of the Cats
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